Friday Fun Link: Hey, Geeks!


It's been almost nine hours since a Time Inc publication put out a list, and Entertainment Weekly is rushing in to fill the gap. Here's the magazine's list of the Top 25 Sci-Fi—movies and TV—of the last 25 years. Why 25? Well, 1) It's been that many years since the debut of E.T., Blade Runner, and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and 2) the magazine needs to justify yet more coverage of Heroes. But Battlestar Galactica comes in for the most praise:

The damned thing won a Peabody award for its second season. It's proving what sci-fi fans have known for decades: Science fiction is as legitimate a vehicle for human drama as any other genre.

It'd be a far more interesting list if EW included books, but if you want that you can check out Reason interviews with Vernor Vinge, Bruce Sterling, and Neal Stephenson. If you just want movies, see Gregory Benford's review of The Matrix Reloaded and Julian Sanchez's review of Serenity .