Asshole From El Paso?


Country singer-cum-Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman (last seen here) is doing damage control after a foul-mouthed interview with Dallas's WFAA. He got frustrated fielding policy questions and laced interview Brad Watson for asking them in the first place.

All the little issues you're talking about are bullshit. It's all fucking bullshit, ok? I mean, you can talk about "And I would deregulate this, and my plan is to give a 7 percent raise in the textbooks"—it's all shit! Because the people that are doing this stuff are crooks and they're corrupt and they don't give a shit about the people of Texas!

Pay special attention to Kinky's "asshole legislator" voice when he's talking about how the system doesn't work. The CW is that Friedman is blowing his gubernatorial chances (such as they were) with stuff like this; I'm not sure how discussing politics in public the way everyone does in private is going to hurt him.