Real Ultimate Blogging


Lore Sjoberg at Wired has put together an Slate-esque exploration of "the ultimate blog post" that really doesn't succeed at its objective; making fun of famous blogs. For example:

Fleshbot: Same as Cute Overload, only with coeds.

Fleshbot would shut down overnight if it was posting about something as mundane as coeds.

But have the ur-bloggers gotten predictable? Have they actually turned into rambling, self-cannibalizing cliches that can be mocked? Here's my pathetic attempt to pigeonhole a few blogs; see if it's any better than the Sjoberg gambit.

Americablog: WaPo: Bush/Rove behind leak of gay EPA agent's identity. Time to take action. Before I logged on I just noticed that several articles have been written by people we know on a subject we know (or used to know) a few things about. Discuss.

Little Hits: It turns out that members of The Nerves and Liquid Liquid were in a short-lived power pop trio that isn't actually as good as either band. Here's one of their b-sides.

Steve Sailer: Steve Levitt reviews "Talladega Nights" on his blog, but refuses, as ever, to consider the role human bioversity played in the film's casting and marketing. This enormous chart proves my point.

Unqualified Offerings: Blog post.