Hot Coffee for Teacher


Without Joe Lieberman in the Senate, who can lead the charge against the latest video game abomination?

Rockstar, the maker of best-selling video game series "Grant Theft Auto" said on Wednesday it would launch in October "Bully", a game with themes of school fighting that has anti-violence critics up in arms.

The game's main character is 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins, who must defend himself against school bullies at a fictional U.S. boarding school called Bullworth Academy, while dealing with characters ranging from nerds and jocks to authoritarian prefects.

Bullworth Academy? Is the final boss Warren Beatty?

Surely, someone will have to challenge Rockstar on its irresponsible game-making. No one wants to repeat the waves of anti-bully assault and murder that followed the release of My Bodyguard, or the frenzied math-learning that came after Stand and Deliver.