Airline I.D. Case Flies to the Heights


John Gilmore, in his long, dogged fight for the right to travel anonymously, has finally filed petition for certiorari [legal terminology corrected from original post] with the U.S. Supreme Court. Every previous court has shot him down, and the government continues to refuse to discuss the "secret law" requiring showing I.Ds at airports, though we now have reason to believe that the real law says you either show I.D. or submit to secondary screening, which has worked for some people in some airports and not worked for others.

Gilmore's team sums up the legal issues they see involved in this case.

We at Reason have covered and blogged the twists and turns of Gilmore's fight so often and for so long I can only guide you to this google search page (make sure you click through to all four pages!) and my first, and most thorough, feature about Gilmore's case back in 2003, when it was just a little baby crawling its way through District Court.