Ned, Joe, & Wal-Mart


As Ned Lamont picks up even more "Joementum" heading into next Tuesday's widely watched Democratic senate primary, it turns out that both Joe Lieberman and his challenger had plenty of time to bash Wal-Mart. Both appeared at an anti-Wal-Mart rally this week, reports the Washington Times. Lieberman made great hay of turning down a contribution from the retailer's PAC, while Lamont poured on the rhetorical "Nedraline":

"This is about waking up Wal-Mart, and this is also about waking up corporate America," Mr. Lamont said Wednesday at a Bridgeport rally against the retail giant, hosted by many of the same liberal bloggers who have boosted the former cable executive far ahead of Mr. Lieberman in the polls.

There is one small problem with Lamont's Wal-Mart stance: "Mr. Lamont, his wife and a dependent child own as much as $31,000 in Wal-Mart stock." The stock, says the Times, kicks off as much as $3,500 in dividends annually.

Leave it to these "Conn Artists" give a Wal-Mart flack the last word:

"These candidates have shopped at Wal-Mart, invested in Wal-Mart and welcomed Wal-Mart jobs," said Kevin Sheridan, spokesman for Working Families for Wal-Mart. "Now they're telling the working men and women they want to represent that they can't save money or take jobs at Wal-Mart? This is all about politics. And it's sad."

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