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Glenn Reynolds explores the universe next door:

Would Kerry have won in 2004 if there had been no 9/11 attacks? Possibly. On the other hand, if there had been no 9/11 attacks, Kerry might never have gotten the nomination -- his war record, remember, was supposed to immunize him on national security issues, and that was his biggest attraction to many Democrats.

I'm no Harry Turtledove, but in my alt-history version, I think John Edwards or Howard Dean would have been more likely to have gotten the nomination.

Reynolds isn't a Harry Turtledove -- more of a Harry Knowles -- but I'd really like to read this alternate history in which the Dean movement takes off without a war to rail against. I suppose Reynolds could be saying the Bush administration was so eager to invade Iraq, it would have done so whether or not we were attacked … but that doesn't sound like him.