The Spirit of Spiro


Amid all the whoopin' and hollerin' that John Edwards was so damn optimistic, photogenic, and voterific comes a nice reality check from the pollsters at Rasmussen Reports, who suggest that America's latest love affair with a vice presidential candidate will be as short-lived as Courtney Love's sobriety.

In fact, Americans--well, 1,000 likely voters--are also showing an increasing amount of healthy distaste for the sitting vice president, as well. That's two signs that the terrorists haven't won and that The Spirit of Spiro Agnew still thrives in this sweet land of liberty.

From the RR account:

Edwards, Cheney Unfavorables Grow

July 16, 2004--A week after John Edwards was named as the Democrats' Vice-Presidential candidate, more people have an unfavorable opinion of both Edwards and his Republican counterpart than they did a week ago.

Forty-six percent (46%) of Likely Voters have a favorable opinion of Edwards. That's unchanged from last week. However, 30% now have an unfavorable opinion of John Kerry's running mate. That's up five points from 25% a week ago.

Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 42% have a favorable opinion of Edwards, down from 48% a week ago.

Dick Cheney, the man whose job Edwards hopes to take, is viewed now viewed favorably by 40% and unfavorably by 48%. Those numbers are down from 41% favorable and 45% unfavorable a week ago.

Edwards' image as a moderate is tanking, too. Forty-five percent now view him as a "moderate," down from 54 percent a week before (to be fair, roughly 90 percent of Americans view multiple heart-attack survivor Cheney as "pure evil").

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