Karl Rove and the Elie Hobeiqa Hit


It?s not often, alas, that I?m an accomplice in a what is patently a smear campaign, but I found this story irresistible, if only because of its outlandish allegation: that Karl Rove, Bush?s domestic policy advisor, was the man behind the assassination of Elie Hobeiqa, the Lebanese militiaman who was responsible for the massacre of Palestinian (and Lebanese) civilians at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in 1982.

The story has circulated widely in Lebanon via email, and typically is being slurped up by ing?nues as fact. I find the story ridiculous, but it is interesting not because the Rove allegation makes any sense, but because of the parallel messages it sends: That Hobeiqa was killed by the Syrians on behalf of the Israelis. I suspect there is a grain of truth in the allegation of Syrian involvement, direct or indirect, but ?nuff said. If weird conspiracy theories grab you, read on.

And if you happen to want more on Hobeiqa, you might want to look at this piece I wrote on him for The Nation, under a pseudonym, as the man in question (who was then still alive) was no gentleman.