Bless You, Justin Raimondo


Over at, Justin Raimondo has taken on Christopher Hitchens, and, egad, has even called him a ?drunk.? That?s okay, Justin also attacked me last week for an article I had written for Reason, and my muddleheadedness was apparently the result of my smoking a bit too much Lebanese hash. I wish.

Apparently one of Hitchens? many transgressions is that he doesn?t provide links in his Slate stories ?except, on occasion, to his own pieces, and other articles in Slate? (JR has even linked his reference to ?Lebanese hash?, and to Hitch?s drunkenness?good boy).

The preposterousness of such an accusation is delightful, and I must confess Raimondo entertains me to no end. Most of his statements about my piece were based on a savvy misreading of my text, but when he wrote ?Damascus is the root of all the evil in Young?s world [why the unnecessary 'the' JR?], sitting as he is in Beirut, but surely he takes his Syria-phobia a bit too far?, I was touched that innocent Justine should have invited himself into my world.

Come little ?un, now that you?re here have a cream soda ? with a doddering fan.