Quotes and Sources



"Libertarianism seems to be so entrenched now that it may be too late to censor anything."

–a glum Robert Bork in the July/August American Spectator

"There is no good reason to subject the consumers of cannabis to the application of criminal law. In a free society such as ours, it's up to the individual to decide whether to consume cannabis or not."

–Sen. Pierre Nolin of Canada's Progressive Conservative Party and chair of the Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs, introducing a parliamentary report that recommends marijuana be regulated the same way as alcohol, in the Associated Press, September 5


Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are indispensable–they're the method to the Web's madness. But a new search tool called goes further. It maps out the web of links called up by any given keyword, so that every search offers a sort of artist's rendering of the labyrinthine interconnections that define the Internet.