Los Angeles photographer Shawn Nee says in a handwritten complaint filed August 16 against the Los Angeles Police Department that after he was detained for interferring with a police investigation, he was "handcuffed to a bench" by officers at the Hollywood Community Police Station and a detective "ignored" repeated requests by Nee to speak with his attorney.

Nee says that LAPD officers in Hollywood infringed on his first amendment right to take pictures from a public space on June 2, 2013. LAPD officers detained Nee while he took photos from a sidewalk 90 feet away, although Nee was never charged at the Hollywood station.

The complaint reads:

On June 2, 2013, Foster #2175, Palmer #2204, and Sergeant Rudy Vidal #23398, arrested me after photographing Foster and Palmer from a public sidewalk. Despite standing 90ft away, behind a cement-wall, two chain-link fences, a back yard, and a driveway, the officers claimed I interferred with their investigation. I was handcuffed, transported to the Hollywood Station, handcuffed to a bench and escorted to an interrogation room for questioning. Detective Mossi #34657 ignored my repeated requests to speak with my attorney. He also continued to question me despite invoking my right to remain silent multiple times. I was released without charge once Mossi learned my attorney's name. My detainment and arrest lasted approximately 1.5 hours.

The attorney Nee asked to speak with was Peter Bibring of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, who is representing Nee in a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. That lawsuit alleges deputies have been detaining and searching photographers for taking photos.

Nee released an edited version of June 2nd's events which can be seen below. He told LA Weekly that he wants to wait to release the unedited version because he wants to catch the LAPD in their alleged lies: