• Dorothy from the Wizard of OzWizard of Oz, MGMIn a sign that some IRS officials actually have heard of the Constitution, Lois Lerner, the head of the tax agency's exempt organizations division, plans to take the Fifth when appearing before a congressional committee investigating targeted scrutiny of conservative groups.
  • The outgoing head of the IRS admits that trying to slip news of the IRS's politicized practices out via a planted question was "an incredibly bad idea."
  • Jay Carney is still not so forthcoming as he gets grilled about the Obama administration's ongoing campaign against journalists. It's gotta suck to be him.
  • A French historian protested his country's approval of gay marriage by ... shooting himself in Notre Dame cathedral? Ummm ...
  • The current toll from the Oklahoma tornadoes stands at 24 dead and 237 injured. Obviously, as rescuers dig through rubble, the numbers are subject to revision.
  • NASA is looking into 3D-printing food, a technology already under development by a private research firm.
  • New York's capo di tutti capi Governor Andrew Cuomo threatened to remove county sheriffs from their posts if they opposed his favored gun control legislation. So much for that — the sherifffs' association is supporting a legal challenge to the laws.

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