• Would you take diet advice from this fat-ass?Source: Sesame WorkshopThe notably pear-shaped Big Bird has joined Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity Let’s Move campaign. Maybe they’ll suggest kids eat rocks to aid digestion like many birds do.
  • Not unlike taxpayer-funded sports stadiums, terminals for cruise lines get local subsidies, and people are questioning whether the alleged economic benefits actually outpace the costs.
  • Thanks to restrictive Affordable Care Act guidelines that ban coverage caps, Universal Orlando will be dropping health coverage for its part-time workers at the end of 2013. The ACA is also getting some of the blame for Planned Parenthood shutting down two abortion-providing clinics in Iowa.
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham told a Rotary Club group that America has killed 4,700 people with drones. That number might actually be low because he may have only been talking about the covert drone strikes and not including the military’s use of them.
  • Illinois continues to keep pace with California’s economic ills by reporting terrible returns for its public pension funds for 2012.
  • Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta claims 800,000 civilian defense employees will be furloughed if the sequester is triggered. It’s amazing how much of the government appears to be paid for with that one tiny, little chunk of spending that would be cut.

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