• i recommend they all just stop itWhite HouseJohn Boehner called President Obama gutless for campaigning against sequestration but not offering any alternatives.
  • Joe Biden’s advice to gun owners is to get a double barrel shotgun for self-defense. Is that what law enforcement is limited to?
  • More than 250 drug cases have been thrown out in Philadelphia because six former narcotics officers were found to be liars. They no longer work in narcotics but, naturally, are still on the force.
  • In New Mexico, state employees can collect worker’s comp even if they were injured while drunk or high on the job.
  • The execution of the mentally retarded Warren Hill in Georgia was stayed by an appeals court just half an hour before it was scheduled.
  • France says its troops will begin to withdraw from Mali in the next few weeks, even as Islamist extremists continue to clash with security forces in the country.

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