Credit:¡Que comunismo!/flickrCredit:¡Que comunismo!/flickr

  • Gun owners can enjoy a 15 percent discount at All Around Pizzas and Deli in Virginia Beach. The owner had instituted the discount as a temporary show of support for gun rights but may make the special offer permanent. 
  • According to law enforcement officials, Adam Lanza may have been motivated to commit the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School by a desire to outdo Anders Breivik, the Norwegian who killed 77 people in 2011. 
  • The White House press corps is frustrated that they did not have the access to Obama they wanted during the president’s recent golfing weekend. 
  • Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has returned to Venezuela after undergoing cancer treatment in Cuba. 
  • Congress’ newly proposed gun legislation would protect some guns while banning almost identical models of some of these weapons because of cosmetic attachments.
  • Burger King’s twitter account was hacked and then used to promote McDonald's. 

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