Starting (presumably) this weekend, I'll be joining hosts Brian Powell and Tom Azelby on Philadelphia's IQ 106.9 at 5:20 pm ET on Sundays to discuss the big news stories of the week.  As always, I'll be well-informed, pithy and amusing as we discuss light matters such as gun control, federal spending, the administration's policy for conducting assassinations and the odds of you ever getting in again to see your doctor once Obamacare is in full swing. You'll be ready for a little chatter about marijuana legalization after that. I'll likely even lay off the cough syrup for these segments.

If you're within broadcast distance of the radio station, feel free to break out grandpa's old crystal set so you can hear my words of wisdom and the back and forth with Brian and Tom in the most traditional way possible. Otherwise, you can tune in to the show through the station's Website.