• The House has passed the temporary debt ceiling suspension bill over the objections of many Congressional Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says there’s enough votes in the Senate to pass as well.
  • Moralistic Florida legislation would ban massage parlors from operating between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. As is the case when legislators go into a sex panic these days, “human trafficking” and “sexual exploitation” are raised as justifications.
  • In Italy, the Mafia has found the heavily subsidized wind power industry to be a useful tool for laundering money.
  • In the wake of some terrifying rape cases, a committee in India has put together a 650-plus page report recommending changes to the nation’s sexual assault laws.
  • A former New York City prosecutor has been indicted for selling marijuana to an undercover officer.
  • Google is reporting a steady increase in government requests for data about its users, primarily from the United States.

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