As part of the closing ceremonies for this year's annual webathon, in which we ask readers of this site to help support our efforts, Matt Welch and I will be hanging out via Google+ to answer your questions, tweets, etc. from 3pm to 4pm ET today.

Send questions, comments, burning desires (keep it cleanish) to the comment thread below, to Reason's Facebook page, and to out Twitter account (@Reason).

Last week, we did a Google Hangout that featured Reason staffers and our roving video correspondent Kennedy (click above to watch the magic, including two-plus minutes of yours truly inspecting the inner working of my webcam). This time, it's full-throttle reader-response time, and Matt and I will rip through as many questions as we can in 60 minutes.

And while we're talking about the webathon, go here to donate now!