• Mayor Michael Bloomberg is insisting on going forward with the New York City Marathon this weekend, which is causing a bit of a backlash.
  • Businesses in Brooklyn who can’t get flood insurance because they’re in a high-risk area want free money from the government to recover from Sandy, not loans.
  • Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is drawing crowds in Colorado, and Democrats there fear he’ll be siphoning votes from President Barack Obama.
  • A judge has ordered some Watergate documents unsealed. The government, though, argued for contents of illegally obtained wiretaps to remain sealed. The judge agreed for now, but is demanding the government make a case for not releasing them.
  • People hate Donald Trump so much that his comments and stunts are actually encouraging voters to support Democrats.
  • Hundreds of New Yorkers lined up not for gas, but for iPad minis.
  • A Secret Service agent appears to have committed suicide over the revelation of an extramarital affair with a Mexican woman. Agency rules require its agents to disclose relationships with foreign nationals, and he was subject to an internal investigation.

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