• Gallup’s daily tracking poll has Mitt Romney’s lead increasing over President Barack Obama. He’s now ahead by six points.  
  • Schools in California are banning Flamin’ Hot Cheetos because of the lack of nutritional value. They are also forbidding students from bringing the snacks to school. Bring on the schoolyard black markets!
  • The paleontologist at the center of a dispute over the origins of some dinosaur bones has been arrested and charged with illegally importing them.
  • New Smyrna Beach in Florida rejected a food truck proposal. Two local restaurants had asked for regulations to be amended to allow them, but apparently economic freedom may lead to “unintended consequences,” according to the mayor.
  • Vladimir Putin warns of terrorism risks as Russia plans to host major sports events like the 2014 Winter Olympics. And by “terrorism,” Putin means “disagreement,” as the Kremlin also arrested an opposition leader for “organizing disorder.”
  • The chemist at the center of Massachusetts’ drug lab scandal was engaging in personal contacts with a prosecutor whose evidence she was analyzing. Her husband was worried they were having an affair. The chemist’s admission of mishandling evidence jeopardizes 34,000 drug cases.
  • Larry King will be moderating a presidential debate open to third-party candidates.

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