Ladies and gentlemen and hobbits and elves, I give you what must be the first political attack site dedicated to a candidate's fondness for an online role-playing game. The target is Colleen Lachowicz, a left-wing Democrat running for the Maine State Senate. Here is her portrait that appears on the site, over the caption "Colleen Lachowicz's self-created identity, Santiaga is a Level 85 Orc Assassination Rogue in the World of Warcraft":

Another sample from the site:


Along with the petty nerd-baiting, the site does feature some material that's politically relevant, such as the ideologically charged comments that Lachowicz posted at Daily Kos ("I may have to go and hunt down Grover Norquist and drown HIM in my bath tub," "Hmmmm....Krugman.... I miss him") and a post where she announces that she's "seriously slacking off at work today." She evidently needs to work a bit on her spelling, too. Reading through the page, my general reaction wasn't How horrying it would be to have a legislature filled with World of Warcraft players. It's How horrifying it would be to have a legislature filled with blog commenters. Uh, no offense.

[Via Kotaku.]