• Facebook has reached one billion users. That’s a lot of baby pictures.
  • The Philadelphia officer recorded punching a woman at a street party has been suspended and the police commissioner intends to fire him. Let’s see if the union argues that he hadn’t been properly trained to not just go around punching people.
  • A Texas court has upheld the death sentence on a man that several judges agree is likely innocent. Why? Because the proper procedures were followed and no “constitutional violations” were determined
  • Authorities suspect a back pain steroid treatment is the culprit in an outbreak of meningitis cases in five eastern states. A fifth victim died today.
  • Election exit polling is being scaled back this year. Voter surveys will take place in only 31 states, not all 50.
  • Apparently, there had been 13 separate threats leveled against the Benghazi consulate in the six months prior to the deadly attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others.
  • European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said the bank is ready to start buying government bonds. The European Union now stands around staring awkwardly at Spain until it gets the hint.

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