Columnist Ron Hart, whose work now appears in the Orange County Register, weighs in on Tiger Woods and moral markets:

One great lesson learned is the value of capitalism and its ability to enforce good behavior. Accenture and Gillette are cutting Tiger's pay over this. The supposedly "immoral" free markets are speaking louder and with more reprisal than anyone.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to male hubris and women's need for attention. What history teaches us and what Bear Bryant poignantly reinforced was that, even with all his victories over the years, sex remains undefeated. Tiger would do well to remember that.

Whole thing here.

Hart's collected cols are now available in No Such as a Pretty Good Alligator Wrestler: Kids, Politics, and Family—Why Daddy Drinks. Along with PJ O'Rourke, Bernie Marcus (co-founder of Home Depot), and Bob Johnson (founder of BET), I was happy to blurb the book, writing

...Hart is one asset that has soared in value over the past decade of partisan misrule. He is the Alan Greenspan of political columnists—he keeps the interest rate dangerously low.

You can buy the book here.

Woods' scandal has already inspired some really awful sportswriting. To wit: "The cattle media are forced by a public's insatiable appetite to moo toward the Tiger trough."

Why is it that jock sniffers are so freaking bad when it comes to this sort of thing? Is it because of all the jocks they sniff? Or something else altogether? All I know is that Judy Rankin never get caught three-putting on the 19th hole.