This actually happened in the Louisiana House of Representatives. Maxiumum weirdness at 6:35 mark:

That is Hurricane Chris, who was apparently invited by the House to perform his song "Halle Berry (She's So Fine)." Dirty lyrics here.

Some crazy, crazy context: "Ms. Norton moves to suspend the rules to allow a special guest on the floor." Hurricane Chris is her godson. She introduces him thusly: "I know all you out there mens know about fine because y'all do it all the time." There was a proclamation. And cake. Also, apparently this is an anthem of female empowerment.

Watch to the end to enjoy the kicker, where a state representative asks "Mr. Hurricane" to "name a song after Ms. Barbara Norton because, did you know, she is fine."

But, you know, definitely go ahead and put your trust in elected officials to provide health care and other vital services.

Via Bob Ewing