The AP reports that Kerry has asked the Federal Election Commission (FEC) if he can use $300,000 from his campaign fund to invest in a documentary about Iraq War veterans:

The 2004 presidential nominee wants to be an executive producer for a movie tentatively titled "Keeping Faith," by White Mountain Films. Kerry would not be paid, but could get up to a 120 percent return on his $300,000 investment, according to a March 16 letter he sent to the FEC outlining his plans.

Kerry aides have said once federal election officials and the ethics committee rule on his requests, then he will decide whether to pursue his ambitions to become a movie producer.

So what do you do when you lose an election? Follow the Al Gore model: Pick an issue and make a movie about it! It's nice though that Kerry has chosen a topic that does not involve a melting planet and impending doom.

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