Why Democrats Are Defecting From Obamacare…And Why Republicans Might Learn To Love It (Reason Podcast)

As President Trump comes to town, the GOP is hedging on promises to repeal and replace Obamacare. What the hell is going on?


For the entire Obama administration, Democrats fought for The Affordable Care Act while Republicans tried to kill it. Now that Donald Trump and the Republicans are back in charge, though, both sides are singing different tunes.

Democrats such as Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton are complaining about rising costs while Republicans are already hemming and hawing over promises to "repeal and replace" on Day One of the Trump era.

Nick Gillespie talks with Peter Suderman, features editor for Reason and one of the country's sharpest analysts of Obamacare. His feature story in the new Reason, "Democrats Defect from Obamacare: Meanwhile, the GOP learns to stop worrying and love Obama's signature legislative victory," is a deep dive into all the problems with the biggest piece of domestic legislation in years. Is the nation's mandatory health insurance program entering a "death spiral" and will it be Republicans, of all people, who end up embracing legislation they attacked for the past eight years? Beyond rising premiums and costs in state insurance exchanges, how is Obamacare affecting the majority of Americans who still have insurance via their jobs? And is there really any clear connection between having health insurance and having better health?

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