Forget Trump Not Accepting Election Results; Real Problem Is Neither Candidate Will Stop Debt

Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Andrew Heaton hash out the stakes of the final presidential debate.



On the latest Reason podcast, Reason magazine Editor in Chief Katherine Mangu-Ward and standup comic and author Andrew Heaton talk with me about the final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

While most of the coverage has involved press outrage over Trump's supposedly unprecedented unwillingness to proactively accept his electoral defeat on November 8, we looked at the said and the unsaid. Did the candidates actually lay out plausible, coherent foreign policy plans (no)? Is either serious about addressing mounting debt and entitlement spending (no)? Are there reasons for Americans to feel like the "system" is screwing them over (mixed)? And would the debates have been made better and more informative by letting on the stage Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and other candidates who are on the ballot in enough states to theoretically win the election (yes)?

Produced by Ian Keyser.

Listen below by clicking on the Soundcloud player.

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