A.M. Links: Donald Trump Sarcastically Praises Global Warming, Doesn't Know How USPS Works; New York City Fire Kills 12


  • Post Office

    President Donald Trump sarcastically tweets about global warming and the cold weather in the Northeast, and that becomes news.

  • He also thinks the reason the United States Postal Service is losing money is because it's not charging Amazon (and therefore his enemy Jeff Bezos) enough for delivering packages. In reality, package delivery is what's keeping the United States Postal Service afloat at all and it's what subsidizes postal delivery to less populated places.
  • An apartment fire in New York City has killed 12 people and injured 14 more.
  • At least 12 have been killed in Islamic State attacks on Coptic Christians south of Cairo in Egypt.
  • South Korea is holding a Hong Kong-flagged ship accused of violating sanctions by delivering oil to North Korea.
  • The Drexel University professor who famously tweeted last December "All I want for Christmas is White Genocide" (which he insisted was a joke) has resigned.

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