Florida's Self-Defense Law Threatened, States Refusing to Hand Over Voter Data, Trump and Putin Meet This Week: P.M. Links


  • Trump and CNN
    Jaap Arriens/ZUMA Press/Newscom

    A judge in Miami has ruled that Florida's updated "stand your ground" self-defense law is unconstitutional according to the state's constitution because of the way it was crafted.

  • Another state—Maryland—says it will not turn over private voter data to President Donald Trump's commission investigating fraud. State officials noted that providing some of the information would violate state law. More than two dozen states have partly or completely rejected the request.
  • Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will be meeting this week, and people aren't quite sure what's likely to happen.
  • A cab struck a bunch of pedestrians in Boston near the airport, injuring 10. According to officials, this was an accident on the cabbie's part, not a deliberate attack.
  • Cable news networks are actually benefitting from the social media feud with Trump, to the surprise of probably nobody.
  • A contractor with the Department of Justice responsible for looking into corporate compliance has ended her relationship with the government because she believed the Trump administration wasn't holding itself up to the standards the government expects of private businesses.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron says he'll put together a referendum to get voters to weigh in on his proposed reforms if the parliament doesn't give him what he wants.
  • Conservatives in Germany are promising "full employment" by 2025 as part of their election campaign. Chancellor Angela Merkel is up for her fourth term in office.

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