First Leaker Charged Under Trump Administration, California Gov. Meets With Chinese President, BitCoin's Value Continues To Grow: P.M. Links


  • Notre Dame

    Criminal charges have been filed against an NSA contractor for leaking documents to the media. This marks the first leak prosecution of the Trump administration.

  • Everybody's favorite company, Uber, fires 20 employees as part of its sexual harrassment investigation.
  • Bitcoin's value continues to grow, stirring speculation that the cryptocurrency is riding a bubble. If only it could be like home prices, which everyone knows never go down.
  • A man attacked a French police officer with a hammer outside the Notre Dame cathedral this afternoon. Initial reports from the Interior Minister say the attacker shouted "this is for Syria!" before police gunned him down.
  • Looking to capitalize on his charisma and star power, California Gov. Jerry Brown sits down with Chinese President Xi Jinping to talk climate.