Mike Pence in Korea, H.R. McMaster in Afghanistan, Trump Supporters and Antifa Battle in Berkeley: A.M. Links


  • Berkeley Police Deparmtent

    Vice President Mike Pence visited the Korean border a day after North Korea test-launched a missile that crashed almost immediately. Meanwhile, H.R. McMaster, President Trump's national security advisor, visited Afghanistan.

  • More violent clashes between pro-Trump supporters and "anti-fascists" in Berkeley, where at least 23 protesters were arrested.
  • The FBI and police in Cleveland are searching for a man who posted a video on Facebook showing him killing a man and who said he had killed more than a dozen others.
  • Police chiefs in New Hampshire are working to dilute efforts to decriminalize marijuana backed by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu.
  • No one has taken responsibility for the bombing of a convoy of buses carrying evacuees in Syria that killed at least 126 people.
  • Turkey President Recep Erdogan reacted to a slim victory in a constitutional referendum granting him more power by telling opponents that resistance was futile and they should "stop tiring themselves out."