Gorsuch Filibuster Likely, Susan Rice Vs. Trump Team, More on Russian Train Attack: P.M. Links


  • Russian attack
    Geodakyan Artyom/ZUMA Press/Newscom

    The Democrats have enough votes to filibuster Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court. Bring on the nuclear option, probably. The Senate Judiciary Committee advanced his nomination, 11-9.

  • Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice apparently attempted to request the identities of people connected to Donald Trump presidential transition team whose communications were incidentally collected as part of federal surveillance of foreign leaders. This was in all likelihood legal, but will nevertheless probably be a point of political contention.
  • Authorities say that the explosion on a train in St. Petersburg, Russia, was a terrorist attack, but nobody has claimed credit for the attack yet. Eleven were killed. A second explosive device was found and defused at another station.
  • Despite New York City's status as a "sanctuary city," police officials are nevertheless informing the feds about court appearances of immigrants charged with crimes and subject to deportation. They're just not helping detain immigrants at the government's request.
  • A federal judge has blocked Indiana's law requiring a woman to get an ultrasound and then wait 18 hours before getting an abortion.
  • So many journalists have been killed in Mexico that a newspaper near the border has decided to shut down.

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