Trump Sued, Won't Release Tax Returns, Gambia Missing Millions After Ex-President Leaves Country, Patriots, Falcons Going to Super Bowl: A.M. Links


  • White House

    President Trump is being sued today by the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which claims his failure to divest from his business interests or place them into a blind trust violated the Constitution's prohibition on gifts from foreign governments. The president has reportedly already sent architects to Jerusalem to explore a move of the U.S. embassy there. The Trump administration may suspend the Obamacare health insurance mandate before the law is repealed, according to Kellyanne Conway, who also said Trump would not be releasing his income tax returns. Sean Spicer started his first White House press conference by lambasting a reporter who tweeted about a bust of Martin Luther King that didn't actually leave the White House, and then the broader media for reporting about crowd numbers at the inaugural, which were not as large as the 2013 inauguration or the women's protest march the next day.

  • The prime minister of the United Kingdom says she has faith in the country's nuclear weapons system after a report that a test missile veered off-course last summer.
  • Millions of dollars are missing in Gambia after the former president left the country. His cargo plane was also reportedly loaded with luxury cars and other items.
  • The transport minister of Malaysia is meeting with families of the victims of missing flight MH370.
  • Samsung says the only problem with the Note 7s, which was recalled after a number of units exploded, was the battery.
  • Martellus Bennett was the only player to act excited about the New England Patriots going to the Super Bowl, where they'll face the Atlanta Falcons.