A.M. Links: Trump Heads to Indiana, Putin Addresses Russia, Tennessee Wildfires 'Likely to Be Human-Caused'


  • Todd Kranin

    President-elect Donald Trump is headed to Indiana today, where he will visit the Carrier plant in Indianapolis.

  • Sarah Palin is reportedly under consideration to serve as the secretary of veteran affairs in the Trump administration.
  • Senate Democrats are planning to make the confirmation of Trump nominees "as painful as possible for the new president."
  • In his annual state-of-the nation speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia is "not seeking conflict with anyone." But "we will not permit harm to our interests."
  • The Tennessee wildfires that killed at least seven are "likely to be human-caused."
  • "Oil swept to a six-week high on Thursday after OPEC agreed to cut crude output to help clear a glut, while sterling hit a three-month peak after traders interpreted comments from a senior UK official as a crack in the government's 'hard Brexit' line."

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