Ryan Maintains Trump Endorsement, Obama Turns 55, Jill Stein to Get CNN Town Hall: P.M. Links


  • Paul Ryan
    FMB/Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN/Newscom

    House Speaker Paul Ryan is standing behind his endorsement of Donald Trump for now, but could withdraw it in the future for some reason, maybe if Trump actually eats a live kitten at a rally or something.

  • President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are facing questions over that $400 million payment to Iran and the circumstances behind it.
  • Charleston, South Carolina, accused church mass shooter Dylann Roof was assaulted in prison.
  • CNN will be hosting a town hall session for Green Party nominee Jill Stein.
  • Today is President Barack Obama's 55th birthday, and supporters are approaching it in a fashion as creepily worshipful as you might imagine.
  • Feds say a Charlotte, North Carolina, man was plotting to recruit people to fight on behalf of the Islamic State (ISIS).
  • You'll never guess how Facebook is changing your newsfeed to deal with blatant click-bait headlines.

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