Sanders Booed for Endorsing Clinton, Trump Gets Poll Boost, Verizon Buying Yahoo: P.M. Links


  • Sanders rally
    Tracie Van Auken/EPA/Newscom

    In a rally with his delegates in Philadelphia, Bernie Sanders encouraged them to vote for Hillary Clinton. They booed him.

  • The FBI will be investigating who hacked the Democratic National Committee and provided thousands of internal emails to Wikileaks.
  • Donald Trump has received a decent post-convention poll bounce, now leading Clinton in a poll released today.
  • The Turkish government, having survived the coup attempt, is now cracking down on journalists.
  • Verizon is buying most of Yahoo for $4.8 billion. Verizon purchased AOL last year for $4.4 billion.
  • A college football player says he was stopped by police in Iowa while playing Pokemon Go and had guns pointed at him because he matched the description of a man suspected of robbing a nearby bank.
  • The political circus of the Republican National Convention and now the Democratic National Convention has distracted us all from some much more important news: namely, what sort of cool movie trailers were shown for the first time at the San Diego Comic Convention. See them aggregated here.

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