Clinton Bemoans Loss of 'Party of Lincoln,' Emperor of Japan Considers Abdication, UFO Enthusiasts Accuse NASA of Cover-Up: P.M. Links


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    Top Republicans are criticizing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for comments she made critical of Donald Trump, but aren't joining his calls that she should resign. Hillary Clinton says Trump is turning "the party of Lincoln" into "the party of Trump." Jesse Ventura says he's voting for Gary Johnson.

  • Airport workers in Philadelphia have voted to strike during the Democratic National Convention at the end of the month.
  • Police in Baton Rouge have arrested three men they accuse of stealing guns in order to kill police officers.
  • The mayor of Newark, which just hired more than 100 new police officers, told residents of one ward sometimes they wouldn't see the police. "The mother of the teenager who was shot didn't make it to the meeting, but you did, so you got to make your speech," Mayor Ras Baraka told residents who demanded more police presence.
  • The emperor of Japan is reportedly considering abdicating the throne.
  • Scientists in Brazil have found 700-year-old stone tools used by monkeys.
  • UFO enthusiasts accuse NASA of cutting off a live feed from the International Space Station as part of a cover-up.