Several Important Supreme Court Rulings Released, Baltimore Cop Acquitted, Cleveland Protest Restrictions Struck Down: P.M. Links


  • Supreme Court
    Andrew Gombert/EPA/Newscom

    The Supreme Court today upheld the use of affirmative action in college admissions, prohibited warrantless blood tests on suspected drunken drivers, and due to a perfectly split vote, declined to revive President Barack Obama's plans to shield millions of illegal immigrants from deportation.

  • The officer in Baltimore who was driving the police van that gave Freddie Gray the deadly ride that broke his neck last year was found not guilty of all charges today.
  • A man apparently opened fire at a movie theater in Germany but was killed by police before harming anybody.
  • A federal judge struck down Cleveland's protest restrictions at the upcoming Republican National Convention as unduly burdensome on free speech.
  • Mother Jones sent a reporter to work for four months as a guard at a privately run prison in Louisiana. His story was published today.
  • A Muslim police officer is suing the New York Police Department over its policy forbidding beards.
  • Today in Trump: Corey Lewandowski (his recently fired campaign manager) is joining CNN as a paid political commentator.

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