A.M. Links: Orlando Attack, Trump Calls for Banning Muslims, Clinton Calls for Banning Guns


  • Todd Kranin

    What we know so far about Omar Mateen and the terrorist attack he carried out in Orlando.

  • Donald Trump says the Orlando attack justifies his calls for banning Muslims from entering the U.S.
  • Hillary Clinton says the Orlando attack justifies her calls for increasing gun control.
  • "The French government has denounced an 'abject act of terrorism' after a man with a previous terrorist conviction carried out a gruesome knife murder of a police commander and his partner at their home outside Paris in the presence of their three-year-old son."
  • The Russian soccer team faces disqualification from the Euro 2016 tournament if Russian fans commit further acts of violence during Russian matches. This penalty comes in the wake of Saturday's violence in Marseille, France, which occurred both before and after a match between Russia and England.
  • Baltimore police Officer William Porter testified yesterday that Officer Caesar Goodson, the police wagon operator, had custody of Freddie Gray while Gray was inside a police wagon en route to the police station. A week after Gray was arrested and placed in that wagon he died from the spinal injuries he suffered during his arrest.

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