A.M. Links: Sanders to Meet Obama at White House, Trump Faces GOP Criticism, Suicide Bombers Kill 25 in Baghdad


  • U.S. Senate

    Bernie Sanders is scheduled to meet with President Obama today at the White House.

  • Donald Trump says he is "disappointed and surprised" that top Republicans like Paul Ryan have criticized him for his racist attack on federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel.
  • Did Hillary Clinton's use of a private computer server while working at the State Department result in CIA personnel having their identities compromised?
  • The Michigan Legislature has passed a $617 million bailout of the Detroit public school system.
  • "Nearly half of unemployed Americans have quit looking for work, and the numbers are even worse for the long-term jobless, according to a poll released Wednesday that paints a grim picture of the labor market."
  • ISIS has claimed responsibility for two suicide bombings in Baghdad that killed at least 25 people.

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Editor's Note: This post initially misstated the amount of the Detroit school bailout.