Gary Johnson

Johnson-Weld are the Adults in the Room

Ed Krayewski on RT



Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party are getting a lot more media attention than they got last presidential cycle, in large part because of the historically high unfavorability ratings held by the presumptive major party nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. To boot, the Trump nomination could be the beginning of a broader Republican collapse.

That means I get to go on the teevees to help place Johnson and the Libertarians in the context of the 2016 election. I appeared on RT America yesterday afternoon. Watch me explain why Libertarian candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are the adults in the room, point out the major parties are being taken over by their fringes, call Donald Trump's eventual running mate a butt monkey, squeeze in Terry McAuliffe's campaign finance lawbreaking problems, and talk about what I think the greatest hurdle to Libertarian success is (being ignored):

* My apologies to Jeb Bush. I suggested he didn't break five percent in South Carolina after raising hundreds of millions of dollars. Bush hit almost eight percent in South Carolina, and he and the Super PACs supporting him raised more than $150 million.