Clinton Calls Trump a Fraud, Gary Johnson 'Knife Sharp,' Water on the Moon Sourced: P.M. Links


  • Roger McCall, via NASA

    Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a "fraud" and his Trump University a "scam." Trump is set to visit his golf course in Scotland a day after the United Kingdom votes on whether to stay in the European Union. Gary Johnson says he stopped using marijuana to be "knife sharp."

  • UCLA went on lockdown during an apparent murder-suicide, but police say the campus is now safe.
  • An Al-Shabaab suicide car bomber killed at least 10 in a hotel in Mogadishu.
  • French investigators say they've detected the signal of the EgyptAir Flight 804 black box, coming from the seabed of the Mediterranean.
  • The new president of the Philippines says some journalists deserve to be shot, because they're corrupt.
  • Asteroids are the likely source of water on the Moon.