FBI Director Says No Deadline on Clinton Probe, Clinton-Trump Tied in New Poll, Sanders Says Nominating Clinton a 'Disaster': P.M. Links


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    FBI Director James Comey says there's no externally-imposed deadline into Hillary Clinton's official use of a private e-mail server.

  • A new Reuters poll finds Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump virtually tied, at 41 to 40. Bernie Sanders says it would be a "disaster" for Democrats to nominate Clinton for president.
  • The South Carolina officer who shot and killed Walter Scott has been indicted on federal charges in relation to the killing.
  • Investigators say the fire that led to an explosion in a fertilizer factory in Texas in 2013 was set intentionally.
  • Researchers are finding direct evidence that Zika causes birth defects.
  • A teenage girl in France livestreamed her suicide on Periscope.