Last Dem Debate Recap, Congress Considers Sex-Selective Abortion, The Czech Republic Is No More: A.M. Links


  • Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders loudly debated each other in front of a loud and insufferable Brooklyn crowd on Thursday; see the whole transcript here. Spoiler alert: Sanders will correct all wrongs by raising the minimum wage to $15, Clinton wants to "stand up to the gun lobby," Sanders doesn't care about the Deep South, and Clinton thinks the 1994 crime bill "provid(ed) more opportunities for young people." 
  • State attorneys general are worried that the work schedules' of retailers are too flexible
  • The Czech Republic shall henceforth be known as Czechia
  • Obama is pro-markets when it comes to cable set-top boxes
  • New federal legislation would make women seeking abortions offer a government-approved reason why before being allowed to proceed. 
  • In New York, Los Angeles, and elsewhere Thursday, low-wage workers marched for a $15 dollar minimum wage

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