ISIS Kidnaps Factory Workers, Texas Officer Body-Slams Pre-Teen, Giuliani Endorses Trump: P.M. Links


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    A Texas police officer is on administrative leave after a video showed him body-slamming a sixth-grade girl, 12 years old, to the ground.

  • ISIS may have kidnapped dozens of workers at a cement factory in Syria.
  • Detroit's school system is suing the governor of Michigan over the deteriorating state of the schools. The state took over the school system in 1999.
  • The shoe's on the other foot in New York City, where parents (and a pro-charter school group) are suing the school system for failing to adequately protect students from violence.
  • France has made it a crime to pay for sex. Those charged face thousands in fines and would be required to attend classes "on the harms of the sex trade."
  • South Carolina is now mulling a bill to block transgender people from using public restrooms that are the opposite of their birth sex.
  • I thought these links were going to be Trump-free, but then former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani endorsed Donald Trump. Authoritarians of a feather gotta stick together.

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