Donald Trump

Trump Threatens Suit Against Cruz, but Don't Have Sympathy for the Senator

It's blowhard versus blowhard.


Donald Trump, portrait of toughness and courage:


The above is the latest in a series of tweets complaining about people being mean to him by campaigning against him. He asks why Cruz can call himself an evangelical Christian when "he lies so much and is dishonest?"

He is being a bit whiny, but it turns out he does have a point. This Twitter attack is in response to an attack from Cruz in South Carolina claiming that Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio have the same position as President Barack Obama on gay marriage.

According to Politico, the basis for this claim is that Trump and Rubio have both acknowledged that the Supreme Court ruling is the "law of the land," a thing which is, you know, factually accurate. It is not an indication that Rubio and Trump support same-sex marriage recognition. They do not. Both of them have indicated they want to appoint Supreme Court justices that would overturn last year's decision that mandated states recognize gay marriages.

So it's one of those situations where Trump is being a typical classless jerk, but he's not wrong. Cruz's attack is fundamentally dishonest. When politicians pull nonsense like this, it makes it harder to paint Trump as lying or exaggerating or saying whatever gets support, doesn't it?