Obama Seems to Favor Clinton as Successor, Censorious Professor Charged with Assault, Trial over Reckless Shooting by NYPD Officer Begins: P.M. Links


  • I feel emotionally overwhelmed by the amount of sincerity projected in this candid photo.
    Credit: marcn / photo on flickr

    While President Barack Obama is declining to endorse a successor yet, he is kinda-sorta gesturing toward Hillary Clinton, who is running a campaign promising to pretty much extend all of Obama's policies.

  • There continues to be wintery weather in January for some reason.
  • The University of Missouri communications professor who infamously was captured on camera trying to physically censor journalists on campus has been charged with misdemeanor simple assault.
  • Maryland's legislature has overridden the governor's veto of a bill that offered modest civil police asset forfeiture reforms and a bill decriminalizing possession of objects used to smoke marijuana like bongs and papers (the state had previously turned possession of marijuana itself into a civil, not criminal violation).
  • A British explorer who was attempting the first unassisted solo crossing of Antarctica has died after 71 days, within 30 miles of achieving the goal.
  • Today the trial began for rookie New York Police Department Officer Peter Liang, who faces manslaughter and negligent homicide charges for recklessly opening fire in a public housing unit stairwell, killing Akai Gurley.

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