Snow Wreaks Havoc on East Coast, McConnell Asks for Vote on ISIS War, FBI Ran Child Porn Site: P.M. Links


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Did ISIS Make a Bad Move by Attacking Istanbul?: The suicide bombing might end the cozy arrangement between the organization and the Turkish president. By Shikha Dalmia

Responsible Research and Innovation: A Concept Worse than the Precautionary Principle: A debate over biotechnology previews the regulatory innovation that could stop innovation. By Ronald Bailey

It's an Era of Angry Populism and No One Is Immune: Bernie Sanders represents as radical a shift in party ideology as Donald Trump. By David Harsanyi

Powerball Frenzy is Just a Distraction: Money is fungible and lotteries simply supplant other funding. By Steven Greenhut

Could It Be…Satan?: Where does it say in the Bible the Devil can't moonlight as a detective? By Glenn Garvin

Movie Review: The 5th Wave: Chloë Grace Moretz gets feisty in an attempted sci-fi franchise. By Kurt Loder

The Geography of Genius: Author Eric Weiner on the places where creativity thrives and why governments won't create the next Silicon Valley. By Meredith Bragg

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