A.M. Links: Bernie's Radical Past, Eagles' Glenn Frey Dead at 67, GOP Primary Heats Up


  • Bernie Sanders' radical past: "Among other things, during the 1970s and '80s, Sanders regularly called for public takeovers of various businesses, including utilities and the oil industry. Sanders advocated seizing money from corporations and from one of America's richest families. And, as a mayor, Sanders made forays into foreign policy that included meetings with representatives of hostile nations, rebel groups and Canadian separatists."
  • Glenn Frey, guitarist and founding member of the Eagles, has died at age 67.
  • Is Chris Rock going to drop out as host of the Oscars over the lack of diversity among this year's Academy Award nominees?

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  • Broken Science What happens when cancer doctors, psychologists, and drug developers can't rely on each other's research? By Ronald Bailey

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